Footnotes to Henderson-Murdoch-Taylor-Gordon Family History

FT-2 Alexander Taylor, a brother of Catherine Taylor (Alexander Henderson's wife). He was a prominent early figure on the Miramichi and a member of the provincial house of assembly.

FT-3 Alexander Henderson and Catherine Taylor Henderson, had 8 children. Those we know of are, in order of age:
-John Henderson 1757-1801, our ancestor

-Patrick Henderson
Patrick married Elizabeth ?___ abt 1794; he was one of the great merchants of Chatham.
George Henderson* (b. 1771)
was the youngest of the 8 children. He was Baptized in Rothe's Parish, Morayshire Scotland, March 4, 1771. He married Ann (Newman) McGregor and had at least 6 children. He was a successful vinter, owner of a profitable fishing business, and owned a considerable amount of property in Chatham, Northumberland County.

(Anna Purdue, who has been sending me this information, is a descendant of his daughter.)

    One of *George Henderson's(b. 1771) sons was a cabinet maker named Alexander James Henderson. (b circa 1811). George Henderson's grandson, John Henderson, apprenticed as a printer in the Daily Gleaner office in Chatham and went on to have a noteworthy career as foreman of the composing room and later as night editor of the 'New York Herald'. In 1887-88 he was in Paris helping launch the European edition of the 'Herald,' which became the outstanding English newspaper on the continent.

FT-4 The other surviving son of John Henderson & Ann Murdoch, (besides our ancestor, John Jr.) was another George Henderson. George was born in Miramichi, NB in 1797 and, in 1828, married Briseis Newcomb, of Pictou, Nova Scotia. At the time as John (1760-1801) Henderson Senior's estate was settled, George Henderson, age 26, built a fine new house in downtown Newcastle. From then onward, he was a leading retailer in the town dealing in groceries, dry goods and hardware.
He was one of the first elders of the St. James Presbyterian Church, a parish school trustee, and one of Newcastle's earliest fire wardens. In 1830 he was named Justice of the Peace. After George Henderson's death in 1836, at the age of 39, the widow (Briseis Newcomb) took over the business in partnership with Simon Newcomb, (her father or her brother). In 1842 she closed the store. Her children, two sons and one daughter, all died of consumption between the ages of 19 to 22.

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