Hay Family History


Mr & Mrs Murdoch, presumably in Rathven, Banffshire, Scotland

Patrick Taylor and Helen Gordon TaylorFt-2 were married and raised their children in Bellie Parish, Morayshire, Scotland.


John Murdoch (1735-1797) and Janet Malcolm (1742-1827) were among the very earliest Scottish settlers on the Miramichi River in Northumberland County, New Brunswick.

Alexander Henderson and Catherine Taylor Henderson emigrated from Scotland to Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada in 1776/1786 with their 8 children.Ft-3


The daughter of John and Jannet Murdoch, Ann Murdoch was baptized March 21, 1770 in Rathven, Banffshire, Scotland and died Jan 11, 1801 in Miramichi, NB, Canada.

One of the sons of Alexander Henderson and Catherine Taylor Henderson, John Henderson was born in 1757/1760 at Rothe, Moray, Scotland; he died March 5, 1801 in New Brunswick. He was a shipwright and may have had a shipyard. He was in possession of a number of valuable riverfront properties at the time of his death in 1819 and was sufficiently well-to-do to leave 1,100 pounds sterling to each of his two surviving sons.


John Henderson & Ann Murdoch Henderson, who were married by Parson Jones in 1792 in Chatham, NB, gave birth to:
James Henderson, b. June 5, 1793 & died same on Nov 4th
John Henderson Jr. of Chatham, NB, b. May 23, 1795 d. after 1871.
George Henderson, of Newcastle, NBFt-4 b. June 27, 1797 - 1836
Alexander Henderson, b. July 22, 1799 & died same Nov. 21st


John Henderson Jr. & Anna Brown Henderson, (born 1797 NB of English descent; d. 1870), gave birth to:
Grace Henderson. b. May 15, 1820
John Henderson, b. March 23, 1822
Anne Henderson, b. Dec 17, 1823 m. John Hay 11/15/1851
George Henderson, b. Aug. 7, 1825 & died Nov same year
Isabella Henderson, b. Oct 4, 1826 & d. Sept 16,1831
Jannet Henderson, b. Sept 5, 1828
Robert Henderson, b. Sept 7 1830
Helen Henderson, b. Jan 3, 1833
Margaret Henderson, b. March 1, 1835
Emeline M. Henderson, b. July 15, 1837 - March 9, 1881
Alexander Henderson, b. Nov 3, 1840
James Henderson, b. April 30, 1843


Emeline M. Henderson Hay married William Hay June 21, 1860. Go to Hay tree